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NUNNARI SMERALDA Was awarded with the Beeffie Artist Award Special Prize in The Global Genius Music Competition Winter Season, 2023, as the Gold Prize in Creative Video Category.

1. When did you start creating music videos?

I started creating videos in middle school, already then, in my literary, geographical and historical multimedia research, I always included background music. To then continue, during my classical high school years, with philosophical, artistic, mathematical and informatics studies.

2. What inspired you to create this video?

Ever since I read, for the first time, the Prayer to the Virgin of Saint Bernard, in the last canto of Dante Alighieri's Paradise, in the "Divine Comedy", attracted by the sublimity of these verses, I went back to reread them, to the point of memorizing them. So much so as to replace this prayer with the usual and ecclesiastical Hail Mary. Until he decided to create the musical art video "Sguardi sulla Vergine", citing these verses among the most beautiful images of the iconography dedicated to the Madonna.

3. Can you share some details about your ideas or the creative process behind blending the visuals with the music?

In this specific video-art I made use of Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time, because, in this period, I followed a course on this software, managing to obtain the Adobe Certified Professional certification (Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro).

4. What challenges did you face during the creation of the video?

No challenges at all... In fact, I can say that making this video gave me the opportunity to put into practice what I gradually studied and learned during the professional videomaker course.

5. How do you think music enhances the visual experience of your video?

In my opinion, music greatly improves the visual experience of each video, enriching it with the sound experience. In my specific case, choosing Franz Schubert's Ave Maria as the background has profoundly embellished my video-art work, giving it a unique and appropriate meaning.

6. Are there any future projects or ideas you are currently working on that you can share with us?

Sure! I'm thinking about new music video art, I already have something in mind with music by Ludwig van Beethoven and Erik Satie, where I will accompany everything with my poetic verses, as I have already done previously, with other videos.


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