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Weronika Maria Zakovorotna

Weronika Maria Zakovorotna Was awarded with the Beeffie Artist Award Special Prize in The Van Bach International Music Competition 2023 Season 4, as the Absolute First Prize Winner in Creative Video Category.

Her awards also include the First Prize In the Romantic B Category (Over Age 17).

What inspired you to create this video?

Initially, the idea to create this video started with my recent interest in music of Romantic period. Especially, I found the music piece "..." of Perlihou as deeply emotional. For me, this master piece has a changing "personality": it seems like it has a decade of emotional stages. In order to visualize this feeling, I've decided to record a music video and then overlay it with visuals of different nature and human personalities.

Can you describe the creative process behind blending the visuals with the music?

I have tried to blend different visuals at moments, when I thought that personality of music was changing. The moments for blending the visuals of nature were almost clear: music was peaceful and mindful. It was harder to determine, what drawings of persons at what moments would be appropriate, since each of them has a unique emotional context.

What challenges did you face during the creation of this video and how did you overcome them?

Creating a music video as a one-piece recording is always a challenge, since each note in every second should have a desired emotional context. So it takes some time to bring the feeling into life. Blending the visuals needed an effort too, but a smaller one.

How do you feel music enhances the visual experience of your video?

Each visual in my video lasts approximately 20 seconds until it is changed with another one. I feel, that this proportion gives a lot of dynamics to the video, but there is still enough time to investigate the visuals with details. They also support the emotional context of the music.

Are there any artists or creators who influence your work?

I think, the concept of my work was something like an improvisation attempt and I haven't met similar conceptual works until now.

Are there any future projects or ideas you're currently working on that you can share with us?

Currently, I am interested in directing the creation of drawings by artificial intelligence using my recorded music. I hope, I can get a one-piece animated music video as a result.


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