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Interview with Jin Loh

JIN Loh was awarded with the Beeffie Artist Award Special Prize in the Beethovinci International Music Competition 2024 Season 1, as the Platinum Prize Winner in Creative Video Category.

Jin Loh is the founder of Jin Loh Professional Music. Her students in singing, piano, and cello have won multiple awards in competitions such as the World Exceptional Musicians Competition, UK International Music Competition, World Classical Music Awards, and Best Classical Musicians Awards. Jin Loh is not just a classical and jazz music educator, but also a certified sound therapist (sound healing) and a certified educational psychologist.

Jin Loh's Prayer

Q: Can You Briefly Introduce Yourself ?

Hello! I am Jin Loh. I am a Classical and Jazz online music educator.

I have been teaching music for about 25 years. I enjoy sharing my

knowledge and teaching students from around the world.

I play 6 musical instruments, Piano, Cello, Flute, Vocal, Electone

(Electrical Organ) and Gu Zheng (Chinese zither musical

instrument). Besides music, I also love art and nature!

Q: In the video, there were in the video, there are many

beautiful scenes, with dynamic effects synchronized to the

piano and cello performances, which is truly impressive! What

inspired this concept? How did you create the video?

There have been several natural disasters occurring on our beautiful

planet Earth, that deeply sadden me. However, feeling sad or sorry

does not change or improve these situations. This led me to consider

using music or sound, which involve vibrations and energy, as a way

to make a difference. I selected this beautiful yet sad cello piece, "Prayer" by Ernest Bloch

for this purpose. I asked my cello student, Wen Yan, to play this piece while I accompanied her on the piano. When introducing Wen Yan to this "Prayer" cello piece, I encouraged her to close her eyes, and contemplate the ongoing natural disasters like Global Warming and Deforestation affecting our beautiful planet. I urged Wen Yan to convey her emotions,

sadness, and reflections on this piece not through words, but

through the heartfelt expression of her cello playing.

To effectively convey the message of prayer, a depiction of a 'greenish' planet Earth and a withered tree provided a backdrop for Wen Yan, symbolizing the current state of our planet's condition.

In the background behind Wen Yan, a time-lapse sequence of moving clouds was featured, creating a dynamic setting where

weather and tree conditions continuously changed. The scene transitioned from rain to grey clouds, then to snowfall. The tree's appearance shifted from lush green leaves to autumn leaves, ultimately withering, before rejuvenating with new green leaves, repeating the cycle of seasonal changes. These transformations symbolize the ongoing cycle of deforestation, repeating season after season and year after year, showcasing the pattern of history repeating itself. I combined Wen Yan's cello performance with my piano accompaniment, integrating visual effects and professional video editing softwares I had acquired.

Q: What would you like to share about your experience as an

award winner in the Beethovinci competition?

Being recognized as the Platinum Prize winner in the Creative Video Category at the Beethovinci international music competition is truly an honor. Beethovinci, known as the place "where Beethoven meets

da Vinci," is an international music competition celebrating innovative, cutting-edge musicians who showcase both exceptional skill and artistic depth.

This recognition motivates me to continue creating more creative videos in the future.


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