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Welcome to Beeffie, the special awards group for creative musician and artists. As a beacon of artistic excellence, our organization is wholeheartedly dedicated to promoting online awards and competitions in the enchanting realms of music and art. Dive into a world where talent is celebrated, creativity is championed, and artists from all walks of life come together to shine.

The Beeffie Music and Art Special Awards are designed to recognize and honor winners who demonstrate creativity in the fields of music and art. Recipients of this award will receive a beautifully designed electronic certificate from Beeffie, as well as a featured spot on the Beeffie Artists' Honor Roll page.

Beeffie Music and Art special awards in the following competitions:

Through our renowned music and art competitions worldwide, documenting the accomplishments and honors of the winners. We award e-certificates to those who receive our special prizes.

We will conduct a series of activities, including features and interviews, for artists and participants who have demonstrated creativity in our joint competitions. Our aim is to promote and share their artistic achievements on a global scale.

Biography and photos to be featured




Provide more stages and opportunities for the competition winners



Cultivating Music and Art to Inspire the Creation of Significant New Works



Building a Revitalized Collective and Society to Propel Cultural Growth

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