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The Beeffie Artists Award is a special honorary prize awarded to participants in our competition who demonstrate creativity and depth in their work.

The name Beeffie is derived from the combination of two words: Belief and Effort.

This emphasizes the firm belief and relentless effort that artists must maintain in the pursuit of their creative work. On the path of art, belief motivates artists to create, while effort is the cornerstone of bringing their creative visions to life.

Creative Musical Artists Award Winners 2024


Vinayak Vikram

Smeralda Nunnari 1.png

Smeralda Nunnari

Jin Loh_Creative Video Platinum Prize Winner in Beethovinci Competition.png

Jin Loh

image0 (1)_edited.jpg

Aya Okimoto

Creative Musical Artists Award Winners 2023

Guiomar Ortiz García

Myron Romanul

Weronika Zakovorotna

Showcasing Creative Video Category Winners From

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Artists Interview

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